Baby Predator Craw

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This is a soft-bait crayfish imitation with hyper active claws that move with the slightest jiggle or current. It is an absolute killer here on the Susquehanna river in late spring/early summer. It can also be used as a bottom dragging bait. It’s an excellent crayfish presentation for creek and colder water river presentations. Used with our Flutter head jigs, this soft bait features life-like claws and antennae that rise up from the bottom presenting the bait in a defensive position. Try flipping the 3.75” model for largemouth around wooden structure and hang – on. Best rigged on a 1/8 oz. or 1/4 oz. Flutter head jig or 1/8 oz. or 3/16 oz. weedless football jig.

Size - 3.25" 

Pack of 8