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Big Willee

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Another fantastic Fitt smallmouth bait, the Big Willee is the largest of the "Cold Water Series". It has a slightly larger profile than the Chillee Willee but still irresistible to smallmouth when their bite gets tough in water below 45 degrees. Slightly over 3" and with the ever popular pendulum tail, this is the bait to have when nothing else seems to get'em. Rigged on the Flutter head jig it is a deadly and virtually snag free presentation.

Size - 2.75"

Pack of 8

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A cold water favorite of Chris Gorsuch at Reel River Adventures.

These finesse, cold-water soft-baits were developed for river/lake winter smallmouth bass. Smallmouth bass prefer smaller soft-baits that have subtle action as fall water temperatures decline from the low 50’s in to the 40’s. These feature tails that float up off of the bottom at rest and move with the slightest current and/or twitch imparted from the angler. These soft-baits have produced excellent results for cold water anglers all over the east coast. Braided line with a fluorocarbon leader is recommended on light/medium spinning tackle for best results. Work these baits slowly with a twitch-twitch then short drag-pause routine. Any feeling of weight should be followed by loading your rod with a slight tension to feel the “mush-mouthed”, wet leaf feeling indicating that a bass is holding on.

Pack of 8 

Length: 2.75"

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Featured in BASSMASTER Magazine 2023, one of the best unknown finesse techniques! 

Our Hairs are on fire! Be sure to fish the orginal Big Willee Chillee Willee, Helgra Leech and Bubba Craws!


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