Mis-Fitts #5

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These are Mis-Fitts, there is nothing wrong with the different lures listed, they will still fish normally. The color might be off compared to what it should have been. The amount, size, and color of glitter may be off (too little or big in size or too much glitter). If the lures you are looking at have whiskers or claws, there may be a missing whisker or part of the claw is missing, (not an entire claw just a piece of it), maybe the end of a tail was cut off. 

Many times, in current and or clear water, a fast, natural sink rate is paramount to your success. Some anglers prefer nose hooking vs. tex-posed rigging. The durability of older, horizontal nose hooked soft jerk – baits has been poor. These soft baits sink very quickly, producing an extra casting distance, superb darting action and durability. They do not have a hook slot and should be used w/ a horizontal nose hook. Designed and formulated to resist tearing and early bait loss from jumping Bass.