Mis-Fitts #5

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These are Mis-Fitts, there is nothing wrong with the different lures listed, they will still fish normally. The color might be off compared to what it should have been. The amount, size, and color of glitter may be off (too little or big in size or too much glitter). If the lures you are looking at have whiskers or claws, there may be a missing whisker or part of the claw is missing, (not an entire claw just a piece of it), maybe the end of a tail was cut off. 

G & W Krinkle Cut Worms – This 3.25" worm is deadly on a dropshot. It also excels in the cold water temps on a small football jig when smallmouth are notoriously finicky. This worm will remain tail high with exciting undulating tail action depending upon various bottom substrate. The tail and body floats upward, off the bottom creating a natural, fish attracting wiggling action at rest. The G&W worm is designed to be used with the #1 hook on a 1/8 oz. and 1/16 oz. football jig. 

The use of any hooks larger than #1 is NOT recommended. The football jig gives this bait central balance, the best action and positive hook-ups. 

Wacky Creek Worm - These worms were designed specifically for the smallmouth creek fisherman. They are designed to provide you with the perfect sink rate for shallow creek and river applications with no additional weight required. Dead drifted with an occasional twitch, smallmouth bass in creeks go “bonkers’ over these baits from mid-July thru the early fall, water temperature drop to the mid 50’s. They’ll produce when all other presentations fail providing you’re fishing them in front of smallmouth bass. The installed “O” will give you the ability to make longer cast and keep the smallmouth from throwing them off with their spectacular jumping ability.

Smallmouth bass in creeks usually take these dead-drifted worms with one light tap.  WAIT: they will then swim off (usually up current) with the bait. Just start reeling if you are your using the Octopus circle hooks for a "corner of the mouth" hook set.

Baby Bubba Craw - Here's the ever popular Baby Bubba Craw with or without the attractive rigged silicone hairs. The 1/8 oz. flutter head jig maintains central balance throughout the retrieve while giving the angler positive hook sets without rolling over on it's side. The life like profile and action irresistible to smallmouth.

Bubba Craw - This Crayfish pattern soft-bait is equally effective for smallmouth and largemouth bass in rivers and lakes. It crawls through and over submerged wood, slab/ledge rock and boulder fields w/excellent reduced snag capabilities when paired with our flutter head jig. The floating claws and antennae create life-like action that triggers bass to strike.