Mis-Fitt Helgra & G&W Krinkle Cut Worm

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These are Mis-Fitts, there is nothing wrong with the different lures listed, they will still fish normally. The color might be off compared to what it should have been. The amount, size, and color of glitter may be off (too little or big in size or too much glitter). If the lures you are looking at have whiskers or claws, there may be a missing whisker or part of the claw is missing, (not an entire claw just a piece of it), maybe the end of a tail was cut off. 


Helgra Leech - This soft-bait has incredible, natural action. It can be presented on flutterhead jigs or the stand-up football Jig. The high floating tail has incredible, lifelike action on the pause during the retrieve. The Helgra Leech is popular with lake and river anglers. Determine which rigging method may suite your style of fishing. Both types of jig head rigging are very attractive to smallmouth  and largemouth alike. Effective in all types of structure. Size - 4.75"

G & W Krinkle Cut Worm - This 3.25" worm is deadly on a dropshot. It also excels in the cold water temps on a small football jig when smallmouth are notoriously finicky. This worm will remain tail high with exciting undulating tail action depending upon various bottom substrate. The tail and body floats upward, off the bottom creating a natural, fish attracting wiggling action at rest. The G&W worm is designed to be used with the #1 hook on a 1/8 oz. and 1/16 oz. football jig. 

The use of any hooks larger than #1 is NOT recommended. The football jig gives this bait central balance, the best action and positive hook-ups. Size - 3.25"