1/2 Pack Stone Catties


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This is a very popular and productive lure. Smallmouth bass consider the stone catfish (mad- tom) a delicacy and feed on them whenever they are present. These three stone catties feature two-color- laminated soft-bait bodies as stone cat colors vary in different bodies of water. These colors represents many of the stone catties found in our moving waters in Pennsylvania and may represent stone catties found in other states. This specialty soft-bait has a circular spot directly behind the dorsal fin for the hook point exit, giving the bait central balance on the fall and jigging presentation.

We carry 2 different types and weights for rigging a jig head to the stone catties, we found what works best is either our 1/8 oz.  & 3/16 oz. stand-up with or without a rock gaurd. These stand-up jig heads present the bait with a tail high profile which gives the tail a lifelike, moving presentation in current.

Size - 3"

Pack of 5